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Last Update: 2021 - 01 - 04

Codekabinett - Access, VBA & Co.

Welcome to the Codekabinett-Website!

On this site you’ll find a growing collection of articles about Access, VBA and SQL programming. There are articles for beginners as well as programming experts available here.

My current focus is on providing guidance on how to write VBA code that does not just get the job done, but is also readable, robust and maintainable. This particular sub-topic is mainly covered by the Better VBA video series.

Of course I try my best to provide working, error free explanations, samples and download. Still, sometimes an error or bug slips the net. I love to get corrections and suggestions for improvement anytime. If you have any, just email me.

Thank you for visiting.

(Philipp Stiefel)

The most recent updates on this website...

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Resize an Access DataSheet Form to Fit all Columns - New - 2021-01-11
I solve the unexpected problem of the Default Column Width.

Query Performance Tuning - New - 2020-12-28
Basic Universal Rules to improve performance.

Recap of Access news in 2020 and a Peek at 2021 - Updated - 2020-12-21
Update: Conclusion reconsidered and rewritten.

3 tools I would not want to work without in Microsoft Access - Updated - 2020-12-13
I added an video for the new features in v1.1 of Find and Replace for Microsoft Access.

Recursion in VBA – Example: Listing the Outlook Folder Hierarchy - New - 2020-12-06
I explain the basic principles of recursion and show a practical example.

The /LARGEADDRESSAWARE (LAA) flag demystified - Remedy for out-of-memory errors - New - 2020-11-30
How to apply the /LAA flag to the MsAccess.exe

How to convert Windows API declarations in VBA for 64-bit - Updated - 2020-11-30
Common myths debunked, key factors explained!

Access Bug - Assigning a Recordsource at runtime disables ODBC Multi-Row-Fetch for continuous form - New - 2020-11-20
Bug report and workaround for performance issue with Azure Backends

Sort a Form Bound to an ADO.Recordset using Access UI Features - New - 2020-08-23
A quest for a workaround to Access problems with ADO Recordsets

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